Design Process

From cocktail napkins to fully scaled architectural blue prints , our clients dream project starts on paper. Whether the plans are mailed, emailed , or brought in to our office, the first step for us is to go over the plans with a client. Often we do this across the miles on the phone and thru email. This process can often take a few hours as we hammer out the details from wood species, to door style, to drawer guides, to finish process and more. Once the details are discussed our designer can then prepare detailed drawings of the cabinets’ layout and specifications along with a perspective drawing of what the final product will look like.

To the left is a set of blue prints in the working stage.

A typical kitchen plan can often have 10 pages or more. Each wall is carefully drawn with full details of all the cabinets along that elevation. Islands and peninsula’s are also shown in elevation form. Floor plans and 3d color perspectives complete the presentation. To the right is the floor plan showing exact cabinet placement and sizes as well as specification details such as wood species, style, and finish.

Since we are a custom company we can build cabinets in any dimension. We are not limited by typical incremental sizes like modular companies.

We consistently receive praise from clients for our signature 3D color plans which give clients an accurate picture of what their final project will look like.

The finished product. See a description of this job in our kitchen section under “Tuscan”