Environmentally Friendly and Beautifully Unique Blue Pine Products

All of our products are available in Blue Pine.

It’s the 21st century and the main buzz words of our time are “Green Building” and “environmentally friendly”. While that may be a new concept to some, we have been producing “green” products for years. Since our inception in 1981 we have offered our products in the environmentally friendly wood Blue Pine.

Blue Pine lumber is milled from harvested standing dead trees. This clears dead trees out of the forest, leaving room for new growth without harming existing living trees.

Blue Pine is created by a dark colored microscopic fungi that causes a discoloration in the sapwood. Its color ranges from blue to gray, and sometimes even red or brown. Once the wood is milled and kiln dried, the fungus growth stops. It has no effect on the strength or life of the lumber. It is simply nature’s artwork presented to us in a one of a kind wood.

The picture below is a kitchen showcasing beautiful Blue Pine Cabinets.

This link will take you to a Blue Pine Door.